Welcome to the Cabin

   “He made darkness (obscurity) his hiding-place, his canopy (cabin) thick clouds dark with water. ” Psalm 18:11


As believers, we can be caught up In Him, to form the canopy or cloud that God hides Himself in.

By updrafts of grace, His glory is revealed through the obscurity and mystery of our lives.

We form the living vapour in the cloud of His Presence as we participate with Him where He is.

Joyfully stewarding God’s desires on the earth. We live out of the unseen realm and the Cloud begins to rain. Depositing His Goodness.

A company of people, seeded of God are being rained from heaven on the earth.

Bringing the creative life breath of their Father in whispers of love. Becoming the resonance of His voice, echoing justice and mercy

 May waves of God’s infinite love; sweep you into new and deep places of wonder with the Altogether Lovely One!


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