Welcome to the Cabin!

  "The Cabin" is  a tabernacle of hosting God's Presence.  Just like you and I, a set apart, landing strip of heaven and launch pad to God's purposes.  

Cabin Academy was founded in 2011 and has undergone some metamorphosis in that time.  Mentoring people, hosting events and traveling to many nations, sharing God's love.

 Milly Bennitt Young and her husband Jordan Young draw from ancient wells, and communicate truths of Gods heart, through a diverse ministry of creative streams including podcasts, music under the band name "Camilla Jordan"),  visual art & handmade jewellery in their online store "Zerah".  

 They share insight from their own experiences, pointing to the scriptures and their personal journeys with Jesus Yeshua as their inspiration and best friend.  

Milly lives in the heavenly dimensions and helps believers receive spiritual illumination about those places through a place of joy and love fueled intimacy with the Lord.  

Jordan explores the richness and relevance of the Hebraic perspectives and how these can transform us as we walk in God's ways. 

They have a beautiful daughter and are currently living in East Tennessee, USA.  

If you would like Milly or Jordan to come and teach or worship  with your church or community, please use the Contact form.