Staking a Claim

We are all trying to stake some claim in the “new world” aren’t we? Whether it be spirituality, music, art, science, or technology, it seems humans are driven by a strong desire to explore and take possession of something in order to both enhance their lives or promote some ideal, or to pursue some profession or vocation. Last week I visited Jacksonville, the “point of beginnings” where the French Protestants settled. Before the French were here, the Spanish arrived and claimed the new world for Spain. It was done in the name of “The right of discovery” which seems plausible enough, you get there first, and plant your flag, and that’s right? Well it seems that we are really encroaching on someone else’s property. The earth belongs to the Lord, and he appoints the ancient people to steward the earth and it’s resources. Today there is a deficit of ecological wisdom because we have usurped and colonized rather than honor and protocol the ancient indigenous people. We have dominated with violence rather than asked for permission to dwell in peace on the land. 

As an American and as a Christian, I must hang my head in shame of what my ancestors participated in. However it is my responsibility as a son of God to seek YHVH’s wisdom on how to reverse the curse and bring creation, both the land and people back into state of being where Shalom of God rules and reigns. 

Y’shua said, “blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.” While the word races towards progress and society becomes more driven with ambition to “stake a claim” may there be a peculiar remnant that is rising up and shaking the dust of spiritual Babylon off our feet. 

There is coming a time when this nation will experience upheaval and division again, because the land is groaning and the blood is crying out. 

We can lessen the severity of this by actively repenting now and being willing to do something about it.

“The complacency of fools will destroy them” Proverbs 1:32