Don't Believe the Hype

3 December 2018

Today I was walking through town while Milly was in the dentist's office, and I walked past a young man who stunk of weed( marijuana). I started to think about this smell, and how it relates to "getting high" and how people want to "get high in the spirit" but often don't discern a counterfeit spirit from the true Holy Spirit. It seems that any "spiritual" Tom, Dick, or Harry can use the right terminology or buzz words to get people's attention, but what is the underlying substance of their character behind their words? Many times we get hooked by the counterfeit cause we are bored, and buy into the plastic hype that someone is selling cause we want a little "relief" from all the mundane activity going on. 

Today I see a lot of people employing "spiritual" language to describe their journey and get others to buy into it, but when you take away all the pretense and jargon, all your left with is zero substance of any real anointing. We should be indignant that this is common behavior in most charasmatic circles, where people gravitate like planets around certain spiritual "celebrities" who can talk a good game, but have no real authority to speak of, because they are merely parroting the latest supernatural/mystic jargon they have just heard and have no virtue or actual experience to back up their words. 

Another analogy is what Yeshua spoke of when he descibed his generation, who he named "a bunch of children sitting in the marketplace calling out to one another, who say, "We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.’" (Matthew 11:7) 

But then again, it's easier to check out, and smoke the religious "reefer" and not care about objective reality anymore than we actually care about the leaders we elect, or the people who take advantage of our ignorance in order to make merchandise out of us. 

And the cause? Covetousness and or jealousy for the attention or you name it. Go ahead boil it down to the money because men have a strong ambition for that too, along with that kind of cultural/religious status that comes along with the "ministry". After all men are determined to “make a name for themselves in the heavens” just as those men who built the tower of babel (see Genesis 11) 

Can't you see how easy it really is for anyone to secretly play the numbers game, all the while make you believe it's Jesus they are serving? 

But the Scripture says, "no one can serve two masters" ( Matthew 6:24) so with their mouths they confess "Christ" but in their hearts they serve their greed and idolatry by proceeding to continue to go through the religious motions in order to hit you emotionally with their brand of "supernatural" conviction so they can persuade you to buy their "resources" because at the end of the day their definition of success is how well they "paid and displayed" in order to get you to believe that what their selling is authentic. 

You can smell the counterfeit with words like "Get the book" if you want more "revelation" ......and on and on it goes.... 

"And they profess that they know Elohim, but in their works they deny him; and they are odious and disobedient and to every good work they are reprobates." ( Titus 1:16) 

"in their works they deny him" essentially the description of spiritual gnosticism ....and many "super mystics" are false gospel peddling gnostics whose teachings promote (1) knowledge is superior to virtue; (2) non-literal sense of Scripture is correct and can only be understood by a select few.... 

Thus the gnostics teach that accumulating of knowledge “about God” is more important than having godly character that acquires virtue. Major deception. And again the aim of their false teaching, is the premise that the Scriptures are non-literal, and in order to be understood rightly, they must be interpreted by the “experts”, and ironically these “experts” are the same guys who charge BIG money for their conference and resources in order to let you in on their "secrets".. 

So much for “buy the truth and sell it not.” 

Dr. So and so and Mr. So and So claim they have "high level revelation" which is extremely subjective yet people flock to the next conference because they think they are getting real food but it's smoke and mirrors and hype....don't be deceived....YHWH will not be mocked.....MESSIAH ALONE IS THE FOUNDATION! 

Friends, please read hebrews 6 get back to the cornerstone(yesod).....don't reinvent the spiritual "wheel" just to "stick out" from all the other "guys", humble yourself and seek the true and living God outside your familiarity. 

The Father delights in having real blood bought sons, but does not recognize the metaphysical bastard children of pseudo-spiritual new age gnosticism and anthropomorphism.... 


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  • Michael R. Goodwin
    Michael R. Goodwin Ohio
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    It implies the right PCs. On target it implies speakers bee having a DRS framework that works effectively and it implies having speaker. There were three of us who joined the game in 2010.

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