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A Message to the Prophets and Called out ones

There have been many prophecies released and that have been fulfilled lately, by well known and up and coming prophets. Those who are building credibility and reputation for accurate words in what they are releasing as being spoken “of the…

The Lesson from a Tree

Walking our local Tennessee trail this chilly November morning.  I stood with my hand on a pine tree, thinking on the Lord’s goodness. Feeling the life flowing through the trunk while inhaling the scent of wet leaves and pine needles. 

Catch of the Day

We went to the beach this morning for sunrise and I spent some time walking with Hadassah and praying as Jordan had to go back to the car to charge the Bluetooth speaker. 

I was lifting up this weekends meetings…

Watering can & the wounds of Christ

I remember this conversation with Yeshua as we were hanging out one time.    

He showed me a red plastic watering can. I love how He meets us in the simplicity of the everyday, with things that we can…

The Most High Falls

One of the things that I have been so thankful for while living in Western NC, has been the 250 waterfalls in our local area.  There are so many to choose from and each is uniquely impressive.  On this…

Snow on the Soul

12 December 2018


Do you remember the first time that you saw snow? 

We arrived back in North Carolina at 10.30pm last night, having travelled approximately 20 hours back to the States, Hadassah was fast asleep…